VIA technologies

VIA springboard platform was launched by the VIA technologies, in order for the development of the embedded developers and the easy way for another generation to the smart connected devices by means of the ARM based one. It gives way for the mass production. The VIA springboard launches the platform for the hardware kits, Linux, Android software development packages. And also the support service is given to all the stages of the development process. It is this practice that ensures the internal formation is perfect just like the Calminax which has been formed with natural ingredients for problems related to hearing defects.

In the form of two configurations at the websites, the VIA kits are available for the global purchase. The features of VIA VAB-600Pico-ITX board consists of I/O extender card, AC adaptor and cables of COM and COB is provided by the VIA VAB-600 springboard kit with a price of dollar 99 plus shipping charges. The USB Wi-Fi module is given by the VIA-600 springboard Wi-Fi it and the cost is dollar 12 plus shipping chargers.

There will be choice given for the configuration of the VAB-600 board for the development of packages for the Android and Linux. It is also available in the VIA springboard website for download. In the android development of software packages of the springboard features the Android version of 4.0.3 and also there is an inclusion of the kernel and also the boot loader source code, smart ETK with the number of APIs and watch dog timer. They are provided for the protection against the damages. The prebuilt debain image is available in the springboard Linux software development packages. It also includes the source codes of the kernel and the boot loader along with the Tool chain to help in the adjustments to the kernel and the leverage of onboard pin headers, I2C and the features of other hardware.

According to the ultra compact Pico-ITX, measurement is of 10×7.2 cm, the integration is by VIA VAB-600 low power 800MHz ARM Cortex-A9 SoC and it has been packed with the multimedia features. Also built in standard decoder is available to support the features of video for the play back support with the resolutions of up to 1080p.Wide array of rear I/O features are included in the VIA VAB with one mini HDMI port, 2 mini USB 2.0ports. Onboard features such as 4GB eMMC Flash memory, 2 COM ports, Mini card slot, 1 GB DDR SDRAM, one DVO connector ,one USB ,GPIO pin headers are available. Combination of the wide range of temperature in the range of 0 to 40 degree Celsius with the consumption of low power, VIA VAB is designed as such to work even in the extreme environment.