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About VIA Springboard

VIA Springboard is a unique platform aimed at providing embedded developers, start-ups, and DIY enthusiasts with the fastest and most stable path for prototyping next-generation ARM-based smart connected devices and taking them to mass-production.

VIA Springboard offers a tightly-integrated platform of hardware kits, Android and Linux software development packages, and support services that covers all stages of the development process, including rapid system prototyping, application development, hardware and software customization, and pre-production testing and diagnostics. With a three-year longevity guarantee, customers can also be assured that VIA Springboard platforms will be available throughout the entire product life cycle.

VIA Springboard has been developed by VIA Embedded, a division of VIA Technologies, Inc. An industry leader in embedded solutions, VIA Embedded is committed to helping worldwide partners build application focused, intelligent embedded devices to contribute to the smart ecosystem of an increasingly connected world. VIA Embedded leverages its vast industry expertise, R&D capabilities, and software resources to offer customers complete end-to-end solutions and support to drive innovation in smart connected devices.

To find out more about VIA Embedded, please visit: http://www.viaembedded.com.