A new Android in the VAB family


Springboard (VAB-600) isn’t the only ARM board in the VAB lineup that supports Android. Its “brother”, the VAB-820, just got it’s own, brand new Android Evaluation Package.


What the VAB boards have in common is the aim to be small, efficient, and powerful when they are built into a project. Hence the shared Pico-ITX form factor and integrated ARM architecture. What they have different, though, is the ARM SoC itself. While Springboard features a VIA ARM Cortex-A9 processor, the VAB-820 has a quad-core Freescale i.MX 6Quad ARM Cortex-A9 SoC.

The VAB-820 is one of the few Freescale boards on the market that can run Android. Such a combination of hardware and software is very interesting, bringing together a good, familiar interface, easier software development (apps), and some serious reliability (including a wide operating temperature range from -20°C ~ 70°C). You can find the detailed specs of the board on the VAB-820 product page.

I’m not surprised that VAB-820 is aimed at in-car systems and industrial applications (among other things). VIA has also contributed CAN bus support within Android, which can be especially useful for cars.

Springboard and the VAB-820 are aimed at a different crowd, but I’m excited about the interaction between them and the rest of the VAB family. I also hope I can get my hands on one of the boards to run an Android benchmark on that too. 🙂

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